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Are you wanting to start your own chapter on your campus? Contact the State Vice President by emailing, or another state officer, for guidance along your journey! We look forward to helping you create a lasting legacy in Kansas PBL! Recruitment tools to build your membership can be found under the "Resources" tab. 

Steps to Starting a Chapter

  1. Meet with the dean or president of your college to secure approval of beginning or reactivating a PBL chapter at your school.

  2. Secure a chapter adviser.

  3. Set a date for an informational/organizational meeting and prepare an agenda; also think about having prizes for drawings or food to be served. Either before or after your meeting, elect an executive board for your chapter.

  4. Collect dues before and at the meeting, while giving receipts to paid members. 

  5. Hold your first meeting of your chapter.

  6. Complete and submit the New Chapter/Reactivation Application, along with dues, application fee, and chapter bylaws to the national center. 

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